Broken Spring


The torsion spring is undoubtedly the most vital part of your garage door which is responsible for smooth opening and closing of the door. However unfortunately enough it is also that part of the garage door which tends to exhibit the first signs of problems. Therefore it is always recommended that you get your garage door springs repaired and maintained from time to time so as to avoid a total replacement. An overhead garage door comes with 2 springs viz. the extension spring and the torsion spring. The torsion spring is located right on the top of the door while the extension springs lies alongside the door. When the torsion spring of your garage door fails to function properly you will hear a loud noise while opening or closing your garage door.

The torsion spring of garage doors generally shows signs of problems because of a number of reasons. It can snap or break due to daily wear and tear or because of extreme fluctuation in temperature. A misaligned spring can also lead to complete dysfunction of your garage door. Whenever your garage door spring breaks you will get to hear a very loud sound. In such a situation your garage door would open or close partially with a loud noise or fail to move altogether. The torsion spring which is responsible for lifting up the entire weight of the door is a very intricate mechanical device which calls for professional handling. Make sure not to use a garage door with a faulty spring since it would ultimately damage your door even further and make it collapse.

At times a faulty spring can lead to total dysfunction of your garage door. In such a situation you have 2 options before you – either you can get your spring repaired or you can go for a complete replacement of your garage door springs. Whenever your garage door fails to function normally the first thing you need to do is call your local garage door repairing men. Unless you have prior knowledge and experience with handling garage door springs you should never try to replace them on your own. The garage door which comes with over 300 intricate parts is the largest independently moving device within your household and therefore any attempt to repair it without professional help can result in a disaster. This is because a large amount of energy is stored in the spring of the door which is responsible for lifting it up and therefore an uncontrolled release could lead to fatal accidents. An uncontrolled release of the garage door springs would not only break the objects surrounding it but also fatally injure the bystanders. This is precisely why a DIY approach is not recommended when it comes to the replacement of your garage door springs. All you should do in such a situation is call garage door repair parker who would visit your house at a convenient time and repair and restore your dysfunctional garage door to perfection within the shortest possible span of time.